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Day 30: Deep Breath

Jeremiah 33:1-34:22

1 Timothy 4:1-16

Psalm 89:1-13

Proverbs 25:23-24

I feel like I'm experiencing God in a way I never have before.

I'm in this hallway, blindfolded, confused, searching for familiarity.

I don't really know what I'm expecting from God but I think that I'm probably going to learn that God is bigger, better, and crazier than I've ever known.

I am getting a little frustrated with Jeremiah right now, to be honest. I wanted to hear more positivity by now but I know I've about 20 more chapters to go still. And also maybe Jeremiah's just a sad book all around! I don't know, I've never read it.

But there was some snippets of positivity hidden in the Jeremiah reading today that was highlighted again by the Psalm. God promised that David's line would forever be on the throne. And we know that's talking about Jesus!

Jesus is the best news ever. And everything in the Old Testament...everything in life....points to Him. He is what we need!

Lately I'm seeing how uncomfortable I am with not being sure. I'm searching for security in "I know God is saying this" "I know God is doing something" "I know I am good at this" "I know ______"

Because right now there is not a lot that I'm sure of (if I haven't said that enough already). But I think I need to admit I'm not sure of a lot, because that's where I am.

But God is certain. So I can take a deep breath and trust that even though I am blindfolded and confused, He is not and He is actually personally leading me somewhere good. He is a God who closes doors for a reason. He is a God who opens doors.

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