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Day 49: "You Are What You Eat"

Ezekiel 16:42-17:24

Hebrews 8:1-12

Psalm 106:13-31

Proverbs 27:7-9

In May I did the Whole30. It's a diet that only lasts for 30 days. You cut out a lot of things like grains, dairy, and sugar...and you figure out at the end of the 30 days how those foods have been effecting your body. Sometimes you find out certain foods are fine and sometimes you find out you should eat less of other foods. I found out I can't have dairy, and after being on the Whole30 I actually don't want dairy. Except for cheese. I don't want to give up cheese, but I have to give up cheese.

The first half of the Whole30 is hard. It's hard to see why you are doing it. It just feels tedious and boring and it doesn't seem like it's making a difference.

But at the end of the Whole30 you find out what a difference it made. My skin was clearer than it had ever been in my life and I lost over 10 pounds! It was a lot of days of "what difference is this making?" that totaled out to make a very significance change in my life.

And this is a very poor illustration for what it is like to read the Bible every day. Here on Day 49 I feel like my perspective has already changed in the best way. In 49 days there has been a mixture of really incredible days in the Word of God and then days that feel a little tedious and boring.

For me, today was one of the tedious and boring days. But I am encouraged by the idea that this is all shaping me in ways I now can't and maybe won't ever understand. But God's Word is powerful to transform and work, far more powerful than the Whole30. This will be far more rewarding than clear skin and being 10 pounds lighter.

In the Whole30 you learn "you are what you eat." I didn't realize how much the food I eat affects my body daily until I did the Whole30.

When it comes to reading the Bible every day, this is the food I am feeding myself every day. It's becoming like the discipline of eating every day, I'm eating God's Word.

I heard someone say once that if you watch an hour of TV you need to spend an hour reading the Bible. Because if you watch an hour of TV you've just spent an hour being lied to and you need to spend an hour being taught truth again.

I used to think that was a good thought but that it was a little ridiculous as an actual practice. But I'm realizing that maybe it's not ridiculous at all. I'm realizing,"you are what you eat" and I want to feed myself truth, not lies.

Even if I have a day where I didn't see what difference the truth was actually making in my life, I trust it.


Grateful today for work to do. Opportunities for relationships and being a witness for Christ. Feeling tired at the end of the day. Spaghetti (my favorite food, but not Whole30).

For a God who would promise anything to me at all... a God who promises really, really good things.

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