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Day 50: Routines

Ezekiel 18:1-19:14

Hebrews 9:1-10

Psalm 106:32-48

Proverbs 27:10

Takeaways from reading today:

  • Our God interacts with us on such a personal level. He does not judge us according to what anyone around us has done, but what we have done. And He has paid the ultimate price so that we can have a personal relationship with Him no matter what we have done.

  • He moves above and beyond culture. He sees all the cultures of the world past and present for what they are. He knows us. He is God unchangeable whether that aligns with culture or not.

Again I was frustrated with the reading today, despite how cool those two points above are, it was not exactly what I felt like I needed to hear. At least not on the surface.

Before I started the Bible Diary I had a irregular routine for my quiet time with God. Every so often (probably once a month or once every two months) I would feel the need to get away for a day...go to the beach, a coffee shop, etc...with my journal and Bible and just talk to God.

I'm feeling the need to do that soon and it's funny I didn't really see it coming since I've been so regularly spending time with God everyday.

On one hand I might feel a little frustrated that reading my Bible every day doesn't feel enough when it's such a struggle for me sometimes. And I have to face the fact that before September 20, 2017 I wasn't reading my Bible every day, so what was I doing if every day isn't even enough?

But on the other hand I feel encouraged because I like my deepening desire to be with God. And it's also affirming the rhythm I had before, I'm glad my irregular times of journalling and talking to God haven't become obsolete even when I read the Bible every day.

So I think someday soon, when next I have a day off from work, I will get away and journal, talk to God, and read the Bible according to the reading plan but also in a non-reading-plan formation.


Gratitude: For the fact God has a plan. For people who support me and encourage me.

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