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Day 70: Tired from Travel

Daniel 5:1-31

2 Peter 1:1-22

Psalm 119: 113-128

Proverbs 28:19-20

It's 11:30pm and I'm barely keeping my eyes open. I flew back into to Long Beach today and arriving home I didn't accomplish much I'm so exhausted. I was getting ready for bed since I have to work tomorrow even though I still haven't unpacked and my room is a disaster but I realized I hadn't read the Bible today.

And I'm realizing how often I have come to blog in this state: too tired. I know blogging every day is quite the commitment, so I can give myself grace in that. I think it's okay that I am too tired to write a lot of days. Especially today since traveling does take a toll! And know I have to think about getting back in my routine and everything.

All that to say I don't have much insight today, or at least I don't feel like I have the energy to write about my insight today.

But I love Daniel. This is the first time since I've started this project that I've been in a storybook and that's something that I love about the Old Testament and the Bible in general: the stories. They are easy to read but also so compacted with profound truth.

It is important to speak up and speak truth. It is important to remember who God is, the way He truly is: good, sovereign, righteous, and infinite.

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