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Ankle Deep in the Law

Exodus 29:1-30:10

Matthew 26:14-46

Psalm 31:19-24

Proverbs 8:14-26

By now I am probably unfortunately only ankle deep in the Law literature of the Old Testament. I'm pleased with this reading plan because even though I'm in such a boring spot of the Old Testament I have the gospels and Psalms to keep me interested. And today Matthew got especially interesting with the betrayal of Jesus and the last supper...ugh Jesus is so good to us.

But I reject the idea that really any of the Bible is about keeping me interested. I reject the idea that I'm meant to find something for myself every time I read it. I reject the idea that certain parts of the Bible are irrelevant because they seem to not apply to my life. I don't read the Bible to enhance whatever life I think I should live, I read the Bible to expand my perspective on just how unimaginably holy, large, and Sovereign our God is.

I don't feel like I have much of a perspective on the Law..but some thoughts I've had so far...

David talks all the time about how he loves the Law. But also, why? It's boring and long and it's also rules! Like, who wants to read rules? And why does David love it?? Is he a nerd? A goody-two-shoes? What is this?

But for thing I liken it to the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. This event really is not unlike those things for the Israelites. And maybe those documents are boring to read but what they stand for is exciting. But also what it actually says is exciting too! And if you don't think so, watch National Treasure and Nicolas Cage will convince you; because I don't care how you feel about Nicolas Cage, I like that movie!

But the main reason I think David loves the Law is because if you are able to get passed how odd and nit-picky it sounds everything in it actually shows how gracious, compassionate, and loving God is.

Today's compare and contrast with the Old and New Testament was perfect example..from the beginning God was giving His people ways to atone for sin. It was first the blood of animal sacrifices...and then the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus and now we can all be covered in His blood, clothed in His righteousness, and destined for life with God forever.

At the very least, if we still want the Law to feel relevant to us, we can wonder at how relevant and important the Law was to the Israelites.



Exodus 30:11-31:18

Matthew 26:47-68

Psalm 32:1-11

Proverbs 8:27-32

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