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The Color Yellow

Numbers 10:1-11:23

Mark 14:1-21

Psalm 51:1-19

Proverbs 10:31-32

The Israelites were so sick of eating the same miraculous amazing graciously divinely provided food from Heaven every day. It must have been just so exhausting having to eat food that magically appeared every single morning, faithfully.

It's so ridiculous! Reading about the Israelites complaining...wishing they were back in Egypt of all places! They miss the food! How silly.

But truth be told it all just speaks to the natural human phenomenon that life to us becomes mundane. We are easily bored. If you didn't know it, this story might be here in the Bible to tell you that you would grumble too. If God rained manna from Heaven, yes, you would eventually grumble too. Because you are human and you are easily bored.

Today I caught myself feeling that way. To my credit, I wasn't feeling the desire to grumble at manna from Heaven, I was just getting exhausted from the daily routine of working in a restaurant. I was getting worn out and normally what I do is I try and will myself to stay positive. I try to pull myself up from my bootstraps and "be nice, keep smiling, don't lose your patience." While all that is a lot of the time is probably necessary, today I realized that not only is the very effort to pull myself up often barely fruitful and exhausting in and of itself it's also not actually necessary. Because I don't have to invent reasons to stay positive and actually worshipful during my day.

It happened as I was robotically folding boxes for cupcakes. Whatever train of thought I was on was interrupted when I noticed the bouquet of daffodils near the register.

(these aren't the ones from work, but from my kitchen...there wilting a bit but they still are so pretty!)

They've been sitting by the register a few days and they've been a small pretty thing for me to admire, I've already had moments looking at the daffodils. But today it was a bigger moment because it made me think about how happy our God must be to create daffodils. The color yellow! God is serious and real and powerful and it's good for us to know that but it's also good to know that He is a joyful God.

Inventions can tell you a lot about the inventor. It can tell you about what they value and what makes them happy. The maker of the washing machine could have been a busy person, desiring to find ways to get more things done in the day. The maker of socks could have been a patient but also cold person. The maker of mouthwash might have been someone who liked onions, or maybe someone who liked kissing the person who liked onions.

And the maker of the daffodil, the maker of the color yellow can't have been a sad or dreary person: the maker of the daffodil and the color yellow had to be brimming with hope, love, and joy. The daffodil itself practically declares it.

We are easily bored people and while that is probably something that's going to keep happening to us, we don't have to worry about pulling ourselves up out of it because God has planted daffodils, He has flown little birds in the sky, He has gathered big fluffy clouds, He has breathed breath into our lungs, He has rained manna down from Heaven. We don't have to change ourselves, we just have to open our eyes and see the good happy things God is already doing and THEREFORE worship.

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