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Good Friday

Deuteronomy 13:1-15:23

Luke 8:40-9:6

Psalm 71:1-24

Proverbs 12:5-7

Easter is in two is Good Friday. And for most of this week I felt a little frustrated that I wasn't preparing myself, meditating, anticipating for Easter more.

I'm thinking about practicing Lent next year, or something. I feel like Christmas has all this build up. But Easter is a forgotten holiday.

Part of it has to be because we actually celebrate Easter year round. Easter is the very foundation of our Christian faith.

But I'm entering into an Easter weekend now. I'm happy to have three days of great examples of Jesus's sacrifice for us and triumph over death.

Tonight my family and I went to my home church and participated in a Seder. We learned about Passover. I had no idea how much there was the learn about the Lord's Supper. It was an eye opener to just how connected the Old Testament is to our faith.

Tomorrow I am baptizing someone at my church. I am already moved, and I anticipate to be even more moved. I am ready to participate in that victory...just in time for Easter Sunday.

I don't know how all this connects to what I read in the Bible tonight. I'm not sure it does except that Easter Sunday connects to all of Scripture. And I'm ready to continue seeing it.

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