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I always have high hopes for Easter. I want it to feel different. I want to experience something exciting and more spiritual...I want to feel more convinced about Jesus.

Most of the time I find that it doesn't feel any different. Which is a good thing, because actually it isn't any different. Every day is resurrection day. Every. Day. There is nothing actually special about today: Jesus is alive. May we live in the knowledge of that. May we seek to understand that every day, not just on Easter.

But today was rather special. Good hearty church service, comfy family time, encouraging text messages, and spontaneous intimate worship sessions. Today was very cool, and I'm tired from all the wonderfulness.

Today is also April Fool's Day. Which is another day I expect great things from, in a different way. I always want to come up with a good prank and I put way too much pressure on myself and I don't end up doing anything. But I was thinking about how I wouldn't doubt if the real Easter was the first April Fool's was the day Jesus pulled the ultimate trick...on Satan and on death itself.

Jesus defeated death. I mean, what is that?

The thing we needed the most, the thing we never would have thought to ask for.

Now death where is your sting?

Our resurrected King has rendered you defeated

Forever He is glorified

Forever He is lifted high

Forever He is risen

He is alive

He is alive!

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