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The Power of the Psalms

1 Samuel 15:1-16:23

John 7:53-8:20

Psalm 110:1-7

Proverbs 15:8-10

All year long I've read a Psalm every day and now here I am, David has been introduced. We first hear about him because Samuel goes to find the new king God has chosen for Israel. Much like the search for Cinderella...Samuel looks at David's brothers and asks God, "this one? this one? this one?" and God says "no, no, no." Until Samuel says, "do you have another son?" And David is brought in. "This one."

David is anointed as the next king outside of Saul's knowledge and then Saul brings him in to soothe his troubled soul with music. Saul is very troubled and he needs someone to sing and play the lyre for him. Saul, it seems, is perhaps the first audience to the Psalms.

As a musician I love this idea, that music can soothe someone's soul...that hymns and worship can uplift and even shoo away evil spirits. I believe it's true, I've seen it happen. But I also love how true it is for me in the Psalms. There is something so comforting and refreshing I find in the Psalms.

After my car accident last year I made the decision to face my fear and take a drive up to Hume Lake Christian Camp. It was a 600 mile drive round trip and I had to drive the Grapevine. I went with my sister and we listened to "the Sound of Music" soundtrack in the car "Cliiimb eeevery mountaaain!!!" But when we got to the Grapevine I was particularly nervous. I was terrified to be driving to begin with and then I had to drive steep hills alongside giant semis. So I told my sister we had to turn off "the Sound of Music" and turn on the Psalms. We channelled the Bible Gateway audio book and started at Psalm 1 and we just kept listening until the Grapevine was over. I think we probably listened through 30 Psalms.

I felt a distinct change in my gut when even the first words of the Psalms were uttered. That's the Word of God! Yes, that's the Word of God, it breathes life, truth, grace, hope. But that's also the power of worship, music, and an artist who loves the Lord. And that is why I'm excited to be reading about David now. He's a mess, he makes so many mistakes. But he loves the Lord and it's the type of love that people can actually see and it affects those around him. He is the most soulful, most genuine worship leader I've ever heard of.

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