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Bring it

1 Samuel 17:1-18:4

John 8:21-30

Psalm 111:1-10

Proverbs 15:11

Since graduating college I've had many ideas about what I want to do with my life. I've tried many different paths, I've thought about trying many different paths. Right now where I am is good, but I feel working in a restaurant is what I'm going to do with my LIFE in the general sense of the term.

But one thing that I was convicted of today while reading about David and Goliath....I am reminded of this nagging feeling every time I consider a path that seems ambitious. I feel like certain ideas are out of my league. I feel that very acutely. While having that humility is certainly a good thing, I know humility is never an excuse for lack of faith. I feel small and I feel like certain things are out of my league...but don't I know God can do anything? Don't I know God can use even me?

I don't know what God is brewing up in me specifically, or at least I don't know how to talk about what God is brewing up yet expect I know and I rejoice that I feel God brewing up more faith in me. It's an awesome thing to feel my faith growing while also scary because: shoot, that probably means God's going to ASK more faith of me. But it's more awesome than it is scary, because faith is filling and grounding and calming and exciting.

God can use faithful Jonathan to win battles.

God can use zealous David to kill giants.

God can use me, whatever my adjective is, to do all He wants to as well.

Bring it.

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