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God Alone

2 Samuel 23:24-24:25

Acts 3:1-26

Psalm 123:1-4

Proverbs 16:21-23

This story about David counting his fighting men and then realizing it's a sin and then surrendering to God's discipline.

He was executing this sin for months but the minute it was done he knew immediately deeply and sorrowfully that it was a sin. And he confessed it and said he would accept whatever punishment. He took responsibility and when Israel began to suffer from the subsequent plague he took even more responsibility and prayed for Israel to not suffer for his sin.

There's just so much in this story to unpack that I feel like I need someone else to do for me. But two things I am struck by is (1) David's repentant attitude. He's so in tune with God he knows he has sinned and it is not something he sits with comfortably...he pursues God...he pursues correction.

(2) The sin of David was the desire to put his confidence in anything other than God. God is the reason for any of David's success and yet he pretended as though it was based on how many fighting men he had. I am reminded of when God dwindled and dwindled down the Israelite army: so that no one could say it was because of was only because of God.

I don't know what this applies to in my life right now...but I will hold on to it for I know it will. God alone.

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