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Of All

1 Kings 20:1-21:29

Acts 12:24-13:15

Psalm 137:1-9

Proverbs 17:16

God is always revealing Himself to us. That's what the Scriptures are all about. Many times we look to the Bible for answers for our own struggles, our own ideas, our own desires. We are seeking ourselves in the Bible. But we will not find ourselves, if we are really reading it, we will find God. He is the answer. He is.

In this story about the king of Israel fighting Ben-Hadad...God says "I will give the battle to you, so that you and they will know that I am God."

That is the goal. To know He is God. Of all.

When Ben-Hadad thinks, "oh, Israel only won because we were fighting in trees! And their God is the God of trees! Next time we'll fight them in the valleys."

And God says, "so, because they think that, I'm going to give the battle to you again, so that you and they will know that I am God. I am God in the trees, I am God in the valleys, the plains, the seas, the places you've never seen. I am God. Of all."

If we go to the Bible to look for anything besides God we will be disappointed; we will be proven wrong. He is the answer. He is the goal. To know God is God is the goal.

May I be fixed on that, all my mind, all my heart, all my strength, all my soul. I love You, Lord. You are my goal.

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