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The Uncrushable

2 Kings 17:1- 1 Chronicles 2:17

Acts 20:1-23:35

Psalm 148:1-3:8

Proverbs 18:6-15

"The human spirit can endure in sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear?" Proverbs 18:14

To keep my spirits about me is too lofty for me. I can't do that. I'm tired, I'm bored, I'm dissatisfied, I'm too human to stay spirited. I will be crushed. But the Holy Spirit is strong in me. The Holy Spirit is strong in me.

Even when I feel guilty from not reading.

When I feel depleted after a hard day at work.

When I feel exasperated with conflicts and irritations at home.

When I feel like I really, really, really, really need a cup of coffee.

No matter how many times I fail.

How many times I hurt people or am hurt.

No matter what:

He is strong.

His Spirit is strong in me.

I will not be crushed, because the Uncrushable is my strength.

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