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To Pray More

2 Chronicles 1:1-3:17

Romans 6:1-23

Psalm 16:1-11

Proverbs 19:20-21

Just yesterday I was saying how happy I am to not have to worry about homework anymore. Homework is the worst! But then I realized I've actually given myself a lot of homework...

There are things I'm excited about, they don't feel like busy work, they don't feel dreaded like homework (not all the time) but they are all things I have put on my plate to "get done." I've always kept a journal....the Bible Diary....I've started a gratitude/prayer journal for the mornings because that's what I feel reading the Bible every day has led me to want to do next...and I've just joined a book club and we are reading "the Weight of Glory" by C.S. Lewis. Not to mention I want to still be writing music and learning more about writing music...I want to be singing and getting out there!

It's a lot I'm realizing and I want to do them all! But I've decided I need to ease up on myself because I have put a lot of good stuff on my plate. One of the outcomes of that decision is to be OK with the fact that I am a little behind in the reading for the Bible Diary. A couple days behind. I used to try and catch up in one sitting if I ever let that happen...but today I'm just going to read July 20 and call it a day...I have to read "the Weight of Glory," I have to clean my room, I have to make some entries in my journal, and I have to train to be a server at work tonight! I'm going to enjoy my breakfast instead of stressing about reading all the way up to July 23.

In "the Weight of Glory" C.S. Lewis says..

"Those who have attained everlasting life in the vision of God doubtless know very well that it is no mere bribe, but the very consummation of their earthly discipleship; but we who have not yet attained it cannot know this is the same way, and cannot even begin to know it at all except by continuing to obey and finding the first reward of our obedience in our increasing power to desire the ultimate reward."

In underlined this part in my book because I feel like I get that on a new level know. On this earth the reward is to desire the ultimate reward. I felt that particularly on my birthday this year. Reading the Bible every day and the things the Word is calling out in me to do...I feel that joy and lightness to obey Jesus and to want Jesus. I feel that Jesus is the greatest thing I could ever pursue and I want every moment of my life to be in pursuit of Jesus! What would You have me do Jesus? Who would You have me become?

I feel increasingly urged to pray more. That's one of the main things reading the Bible has impressed upon me. While missing a day in reading the Bible is annoying and off-putting now for me...I am convinced if I became as diligent and devoted to prayer that missing a day of prayer would become out of the question. It would be like missing a day of breathing. Reading the Bible is like eating but I think prayer is something more like breathing. I can fast a day from food, though it's not advisable and it's kind of stupid (in the analogy that food is the Word) but I can't go 2 minutes without breathing!

And I've not been breathing enough. I want to pray more and I think once I'm finished reading the Bible through that's going to be the project I focus on next. Praying. It's what reading the Bible has led me to do.

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