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Jesus Opens the Door

Day Two!

The "One Year Bible" is a reading plan that actually starts January 1. The first time I did the Bible Diary I started in the middle of September, so I was in the middle of Isaiah. This time it's the middle of May and I am in the Samuel books it looks like.

I could have waited until the starting point made more sense, but I think it's best to just start TODAY. If you are feeling compelled to read the Bible, just start today! These are the passages assigned for May 20, what I read today.

1 Samuel 26:1-28:25

John 11:1-54

Psalm 117

Proverbs 15:22-23

Honestly it's been kind of hard to read about Saul and David these past couple days. I'm afraid right now I am more like Saul than David. That's a hard thing to see in myself and it's a harder thing to admit. For whatever reason, I'm in a real battle right now and it's hard for me to see myself as someone Jesus loves. But the TRUTH is Jesus loves me, the TRUTH is I am HIS.

Saul is a very troubled person, but David has moments too! The psalm from today is not a good example, but there are so many psalms he wrote that reveal that David truly struggled. He struggled with depression and questioning his identity. But God enters into those dark places with us and shines the light of truth.

The story of Lazarus is a perfect example of how Jesus enters our mess, our darkness, our brokenness, and changes everything. Lazarus is dead and apparently stinky. Literally, the Bible is talking about Jesus opening the door and not shying away from the odor of death. However far we have fallen, however gross it may be, however dark it may be, however wrong it may be, Jesus wants us. He wants to open the door, He wants us to be His. He wants to bring us to life again.

This morning I read the passages above and then I sat with some verses of encouragement my heart really needed. The best way I can think to invite you into what God is doing is not to encourage you to read my blog, but to encourage you to read the Bible. Invite Jesus into your mess and let Him shine the light. Let Him breathe truth and life back into you.

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