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Hello! I'm Lydia, the author of this here Bible Diary. I'm so excited you are here because I'm so excited to think you might be inspired to dive more deeply into the Bible. Take it from me, it is SO worth it.

I started the Bible Diary in 2017 because it fulfilled two dreams of mine: to blog and to read the Bible every day. I started following the reading plan by Tyndale "the One Year Bible." As a Jesus-follower I have always found so much comfort and joy in God's Word. His Word is such a gift and yet I forget all the time. When I finished in 2018 I was not surprised how affected my heart was after a daily intake of truth. It was a  big commitment though, so I took a few years off from blogging. I started again May 2020 in my boredom and real need for truth during COVID-19. I expect to fall more in love with Jesus through this.

I encourage you to follow along. Open your Bible! Today is the day, you don't have to start at the beginning, you don't have to wait for the stars to align: just start. Let God take care of the rest.



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