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Getting Back on Track

I fell behind in the I read the reading from May 24. I guess it's not a huge's hard to keep something up every single day for a year, and I should be happy I didn't give it up all together! Not that that even feels like an option anymore...I must keep reading the Bible.

But I've been really hard on myself, so hard on myself it was hard to actually understand what I was reading. And so I haven't had much to write about what I've been reading...including tonight. Whatever voice inside my head that was angry and disappointed that I was getting off track with reading and blogging seemed louder than the Word. Well, that's silly. And so I want to rebuke that.

Jesus is doing very good things and I have so much reason to be glad.

In the past week I've been contemplating many exciting ministry opportunities/ avenues for my future and while I'm not sure when I'll be ready to talk specifically about them on the blog: I am excited about what God might be doing.

And I've also been thinking about prayer. The more I read the Bible the more compelled I am to be a person of prayer. When I see characters in the Bible, I see that they know the Scriptures, they know the Word of reading the Bible has to be a part of pursuing knowing God...but the thing I see them doing is praying. Talking to God!

In the past year I have become more dedicated to reading the Bible, as I've always wanted to, through this project. I wonder what sort of project I could start that would challenge me to pray more frequently. I probably don't necessarily need a project, but some sort of routine would help.

So I'm going to stop being hard on myself...if I can help it. I will ask Jesus to help me give myself grace. And I'm going to keep pursuing the things God has laid on my heart: my future and becoming a person of prayer.

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