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Psalm 139 Rephrased

He knows me inside and out. Every part of me...everything pretty about me body and soul and everything ugly about me body and soul.

He knows about everything I do. When I watch TV, when I go to work, when I eat breakfast, when I stare blankly into space. He knows how I feel when I walk into my workplace and I smell all the familiar smells, hear the familiar voices. He knows how I feel when I am worn out after work and come home I feel when I hear my dog bark to greet me. How I feel when I finally get to lay down to sleep at night. How I feel when I have to wake up to my alarm.

He knows me, He recognizes everything about me.

I can't say anything that He didn't already know I was going to say. He knows what I will say! Because He knows what I'm thinking! He sees me when I'm begrudgingly serving someone and He knows I'm doing so begrudgingly and not out of a pure servant's heart...He knows better than those around me.

He knows when I intend to do good but instead I say something awkward or even hurtful. He knows my intentions, He knows my thoughts, He knows what I'm going to say and what I'm going to do.

He guards me in all of time and space, physical and spiritual. He guards me in all dimensions. He protects and holds me. His touch is upon my life, my every day, my every breath. His touch is upon my life.

It's too good, it's too much unfathomable be so known so completely, so loved so completely.

I can't run from You. I can not. Where would I even go? You're here! You're there! You're everywhere! You are everywhere I can go and everywhere I can't go.

You are in heaven. You are in the deepest darkest jungles. You are at the bottom of the unsearchable ocean. I can not run from You. Where would I even go? You are everywhere, and You are with me everywhere. You will be with me wherever I go, even if it is as I run from You.

I may choose to enter the darkest...most dank and depressing places of the world or of my soul...but if You are there, and You are there, it will never be dark. You are light and You bring light with You even to the darkest places of the world and of my soul. You bring Your light with You wherever You go. You are the day and You cancel out the night.

You made me!

You made me.

I was on Your heart and Your mind before I had a heart and mind...You made my heart and mind. I am the object of Your design.

Who are my parents, if not You? What could my mother really do to create me? Nothing but wait while You pieced me together in her womb.

It's breathtaking...You made me. I know this.

I couldn't hide from You then. No...I was not at all hidden. I was right before You from the very beginning. You saw me when I was unseeable. You saw me and You saw my whole life played out before You, even then, even before my first breath.

You think and You imagine and You create in ways that...I must worship. You are bigger and wiser and more fantastic than I can articulate in words, in numbers, in songs, in tears.

And I get to be with You. You are here with me. Thank You.

This is all perfect and God, I long for the perfection of Your design. Take me back, take me back to the Garden. The Garden is where I long to be, the way the world was made to be, the way I was made to be. Reverse what's wrong in me, reverse what's wrong in the world, take us back, take us back to the Garden. Whatever You have to do, cleanse us...Lord, we want the Garden. Eden. Us. With You. No hesitations...just You and us the way You made us to be.

You know me, show me who I am. Lead me the way You made me to go...I trust You.

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