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1 Chronicles 7:1-8:40

Acts 27:1-20

Psalm 7:1-17

Proverbs 18:22

When I hear God call me to something and I decidedly obey...not that this has happened too many times in my life...I have a habit of daydreaming about what God might do, what it might look like. Like how I feel God calling me to pursue music more seriously can be easy to picture what that might look like. And while I don't see myself ever resembling Beyoncé's career...I daydream about my life looking attractive and fun and exciting...desirable.

I certainly don't picture God ever putting me on a sinking ship.

But, that's where Paul is.

I don't know what Paul imagined living life with Jesus would look like...but being shipwrecked would probably not have entered his imagination. But it was where he was and he was patient and faithful in it. He did not lose sight of the calling even if the manifestation of the calling was outside his daydreamed scenarios.

I know my daydreams are just daydreams and I know shipwreck equivalents may very well be in my future. Because God does things we can never imagine. And He takes the terrible awful things and redeems them.

He has a plan!!! He has a plan!!!

Everything works out.

It certainly won't work out the way I specifically envision it...but I pray one of my daydreams comes true: that I will remain faithful no matter what comes my way.

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