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The Joy of the Lord

1 Chronicles 19:1-21:30

Romans 2:25-3:8

Psalm 11:1-7

Proverbs 19:10-12

This picture will make it onto my highlights page...but this week in the Bible Diary has not felt much like a highlight at all. In fact, it has been a lower point.

My room is evidence of that. It's a mess! And I feel like a mess as well! I'm exhausted and cranky and most of the time I just don't feel happy.

But the past couple of days I've been thinking about joy. The joy of the Lord is my strength.

I don't feel a lot of joy...but that's because I'm not looking in the right places. The Lord is joy! He sees me, He knows me, He's taking care of me, He is always with me!



promised me:

planned for me:

paved the way for me:


These present sufferings cannot compare!!!! To the amazing infamous infinite JOY and GLORY of HEAVEN! I'm going to get to that part of Romans soon.

I haven't felt up to blogging...I haven't felt up to cleaning my room...I don't have clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow...I'm just tired and I'll snap out of it soon my room would be a good first step...but the best first step is to pray and remember I am sealed for eternity. I am promised happily ever after. What can I do to tell other people too?

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